Pneumatic Silencers

Porous Polyethylene (HDPE) Filter / Silencer - PSE

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Pneuflex is also making Porous Polyethylene (HDPE) Filter / Silencer. The filter size is ranging from 10-60μm.

PSE - Porous HDPE filter has the advantages of light weight and high accurate filter size.


Standard Sintered Stainless Steel Silencer

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Standard sintered stainless steel silencer is made of stainless steel and stainless steel powder. The standard sintered stainless steel silencer is resistant to atmospheric corrosion, foodstuffs, sterilizing solutions, many organic chemicals, dyestuffs and a wide variety of inorganic chemicals. Standard sintered stainless steel silencer is used in exhaust ports or any port that is open to atmoshphere to help keep out forein particles. External tightening with a flat wrench or socket wrench.


1. To reduce noise effectively in pneumatic system or air discharge equipment.

2. Allow the airflow to pass through and prevent or reduce the sound transmission.

3. Easy clean and hardly to wear out with abrasion resistance and anti-strong impact resistance.

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